In the north of Hampshire we have beautiful countryside and many historic sites around us. The same might be said of Hampshire as a whole, but the ‘North’ often gets unfairly overlooked, for the cities on the coast and the New Forest in the south of the county. After 15 years of living in and near Basingstoke, I’m still finding out amazing things about this place! I wanted to combine my interests of history, cartography, photography (and walking) to share with you the things around us and some things that may get missed.

Some of the surrounding villages have stories that should be known. We’ve had The Romans, The Battle(s) against the Danes, Royal Forests, Cromwell’s Siege at Basing House during the civil war for starters. There have also have been private houses where the gentry had their residences not too far from London, such as the Prince Regent in the late 18th Century at Kempshott, Oh and Jane Austen was a local girl…

We’re going to see some changes, with more development planned and already visible signs of history are getting lost under the concrete. I hope I can shed some light for you on some of the past stories. If I can bring some of these ‘gems’ to your attention, all the better –  Then I’ll try and point you in the right direction, if you want more information from the sources who have really looked into this stuff…

I hope you enjoy reading and exploring – let me know…

yours Mapsmith.




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