Kempshott Park, revisited…

Site of Kempshott House, June 2015. The debris visable is not the original buidling- that is 40 years of factories, tipping and building materials for the new housing

Today I have returned to the site of Kempshott House and Park, almost 2 years since my original post. Things are changing fast. It is now fenced off as a building site and It won’t be long before houses will be being built. Last time I was there it was a a bit of a sorry state – a known tipping site and used by travellers from time to time, so I expect the residents will be happy to see it cleaned up. I still feel sad however this piece of history will be covered over and lost.

A Manor for centuries, a favourite country retreat for a Prince of Wales, visted by Jane Austen who lived nearby, and the home to a founding father of Canada… Just some of the history connected with Kempshott. The house fell into gradual decline, and was later divided up and even become a grain store, and land was sold off to the golf course. The arrival of the M3 motorway didn’t help, but it was demolished later and factories were built on the site. A sad end to its residence.

...When it was like this!
Kempshott House

I spoke to a family out on a sunday bike ride who knew nothing of its past, (but to be fair why should they?) I wish for more people to feel they can connect to the past, not in a nostalgic way, but to be aware of the changes through time and maybe
add a sense of history to the place they live.

For a detalied history of Kempshot park, please look at by Christopher Golding for a thorough researched website charting the long history…